My Craft – My Technique

Handicrafts are defined as products that are based on the knowledge and skill of one or more craftsmen and that vary according to environmental conditions, offering the beautiful as well as the beneficial, making human life easier by meeting their needs; that are manufactured at home or at traditional workshops, carrying a symbolic character regionally, functionally, aesthetically, artistically, decoratively, religiously, socially; and that are made by hand or by means of hand tools or mechanical instruments. (Ministry of Education – Our Traditional Handicrafts – Access:


Crochet is classified as decorative handicraft in traditional handicrafts. Various process steps called “crochet technique” make up the basis of knitting with a hooked needle. A correct implementation, the compliance of the hook and the thickness of the yarn constitute excellent products.


The patterns produced using crochet techniques are used in today’s home decor, decorative cloths, ornamentation of clothing and for ornamenting accessories such as bags, slippers, wallets and belts. (Access:


My craft is based completely on crochet. The main part of all garments and accessories that I crochet are sometimes single and sometimes double crochet stitches. Since I am also a master of basic sewing skills, I prepare my miniature crochets just like I prepare a large scaled dress; I just join the parts by stitching. I choose the accessories that I use in decorations, like buttons and buckles, among a variety of metals. I am trying to enhance the visual wealth by making these metal details meet with the hooked needle and to decorate my work with details as close to their actual forms as I can. I give form to my shoes and bags completely by hand without using any pre-formed template. I also embroider the sequins and beads that I use in my ornamentations with my hands.